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20 Things Wealthy People Daily Do


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1. Things to do (Work Accomplishment)
2. Time the day (Time Management)
3. Track the dollar (Financial budget)
4. Track the diet (Healthy Diet)



5 Goals To Strive Toward

1. Read 1 Ch. of Proverbs a day

2.  Set Priorities
a. Prayer, Devotion, Worship
b. Bible Reading & Bible Study
c. Tithing & Giving (Time, Talent, Treasure)

3. Read 2 books a month
a. Learn 5 new words a week

4. Health
a. Exercise
b. Eat Healthy
c. Rest

5. Vision Wall


20/20 Vision – Here is your 2014 20/20 challenge! 

If you do all 20, that means you have 20/20 Vision!

1.  Read 20 Books this year.

2.  Add 20 New Words to your vocabulary this year.

3.  Read 20 books of the Bible this year.

4.  Pray & Read Your Bible at least 20 minutes a day this year.

5.  Exercise 20 days a month this year.

6.  Lead 20 people to Christ this year.

7.  Save $20 a week this year.

8.  Learn 20 recipes to cook this year!

9.  Memorize 20 Bible Verses this year.

10.  Take 20 minutes to clean your house/Car/Office a week this year.

11.  Write down 20 goals to achieve this year!

12.  Go to Church at least 20 times this year!

13.  Date your mate 20 times this year!

14.  Network with 20 new people this year!

15.  Fast & Pray at least 20 days out of the year!

16.  Take 20 minutes out of the day for yourself this year!

17.  Bless 20 random people with $20 this year!

18.  Do 20 fun activities with your family this year!

19.  Give away 20 items of clothing that you haven’t worn in the past year this year.

20.  Experience 20 things that you have never experienced before this year.

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2014 I Did It!

When you have accomplished 1 of your goals, post it here on the I did it wall so we can celebrate with you this year!  To God be the glory for the things that He has done in your life!

2014 Vision Wall

So… Tell us what your vision is for this year? What are 3 goals that you plan to accomplish this year?