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Thank you for considering becoming a partner of Mark T. Jackson & the 4RealkTalk Radio Family. It is our desire that individuals will find this community to be an inviting place for substantial subjective discourse and entertaining realities that are unapologetically challenged, explained and potentially debated. Our objective is to build a bridge between the Word of God and real life scenarios.

So… What does partnering look like? We’re glad you asked!!!

#1 – We ask that you’d commit to financially supporting 4RealTalk Radio Network with an automatic minimum reoccurring monthly contribution of only $10, $20, $35, or $50. Whatever is most comfortable for you is fine. This funds our events and programming and provides us with the necessary means of continuing our community. (We believe that where a man’s treasure is, there his heart will be also.)

#2 – They call in to our planning conference call on Wednesday nights at 9:30p when scheduled to help us plan calls & events. They also participate in the functions we do & support at their leisure. (This is not mandatory, but we love doing monthly events together. This is open to partners across the globe who desire to participate.)

#3 – They call in, or listen in to calls when scheduled on Monday nights and help build the listening audience by using social media and other mediums to advertise the call. (More than anything else, we want to grow your mind and help win souls to Christ as well as build relationships and foster an environment for great discussion and positive entertainment.

We challenge and encourage every partner to develop a prayer life, set and complete their personal goals for the year, read their Word, have personal devotion time, connect with a local body of believers, tithe consistently at a local assembly, strive to live a yielded life unto God, and help people. Also, we highly advocate education and admonish partners to read at least 2 books a month.

Did You Know That Your Business Could Become A Corporate Sponsor of 4RealTalk Radio Network?


We are working toward completion of our non-profit entity, “Greater Works Charitable Foundation”, which is the umbrella under which we will conduct many of our community centered & charity operations. (Collegiate Activities, Prison Ministry, Clothing & Food Drives, Community Concerts & Festivals, Hospital & Nursing Home Visits, etc.)

All We Need Is YOU!!! Partner with us today!

  1. Mark T. Jackson, Host
  2. Tyniece J., Co-Host
  3. Victoria Bankhead, Partner Liaison
  4. Kami Taylor
  5. Serena Johnson
  6. Alan Rice
  7. Shay Harris
  8. Felisha Seymour
  9. Michael Mathis
  10. Reanna Curtiss
  11. Tish Jackson, Counselor
  12. Ivelisse Valentin
  13. Courtney Brown
  14. Terrence Carr
  15. Janelly Morales
  16. Nell Dardie
  17. Lindsey Tucker
  18. Karinna Campbell
  19. Tierra McGinnis
  20. Jameka Humphrey
  21. Latasha Moore
  22. Channon Cotton
  23. Daniel Pickett
  24. Shanita Somerville-Stowes
  25. Brittany Demudd
  26. Pastor Meredith Higginbottom
  27. Amir Foster
  28. Jessica Torres
  29. Shenequa Rogers
  30. Sierra Collins
  31. Marcus Tate (Chef Tate)
  32. Pearl Mansu
  33. Stephanie Vann
  34. Christopher Walton
  35. Renina Black
  36. Timothy Reddick (TJ)
  37. Rozailand Jones
  38. Trina Posey
  39. Laurence Lucy-Evans
  40. Nekima Sheron
  41. Othesha Nash
  42. Lauren Miller
  43. Wanda Grubbs
  44. Ericka Thornton, Author
  45. Paul Brown
  46. Elisa Carter
  47. Frances Nixon (Free)
  48. Desirae Gooch
  49. Tarshree Sawyer

When scheduled, we’re live on Monday nights at 10:00 pm EST. You can’t afford to miss these hot discussions! They are life changing! Call in on your phone or tune in online. You’re going to be challenged, entertained, and built up, or listen to our past episodes! Thank you for your support of Mark T. Jackson & the 4RealTalk Radio Community.

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